The Krugholm Archipelago

The Map

Your character is from the Krugholm Archipelago, a peaceful trading and fishing area, a string of islands extending far out into the western sea.

The Archipelago contains hundreds of islands, some enormous, some too small to see on the map (not that you need it, you know the waters by heart).

The area, which was sparsely inhabited in times past, was settled about two hundred years ago by colonists from far to the south. They were led by a great seaman named Valbrandr. Never the subtlest of men, Valbrandr made as his base one of the westernmost of the Islands, in the area most thickly prowled by pirates and corsairs, and began his campaign of smashing piracy wherever he found it. His followers set up settlements and quickly spread further and further east, into the larger islands closer to civilized nations.

Valbrandr, who was known as the Sea King throughout his life, died 160 years ago when a pirate raid crushed his island defenses and overran his home. Since then, the archipelago has had no central government, but has broken into a hundred petty island states. Most islands and cities get along quite well, knowing the advantages to be gained through peaceful trade.

Piracy, however, has increased in the last century and a half, concentrated in the westernmost of the islands, but pirates no longer rule the seas. They prey upon the merchants like parasites instead of sharks. However, the further west one sails, the greater the risk is of running into pirate ships, and some particularly bold buccaneers sail deep into civilized eastern areas for the rich pickings there.

Your character is from the Archipelago, from whichever island you choose, a worker in whichever profession you rolled or decided upon.

If you have any detailed questions about life in the archipelago, ask the Dungeon Master.

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The Krugholm Archipelago

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