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What is Your Destiny?

This game springboards from the OSRIC rules (compatible with Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 1st Edition rules) but in the finest tradition of vintage role-playing, house rules and modifications will abound. For example, I rather think the THACO and Weapon Proficiency rules were rather nice additions to AD&D and we’ll be employing those.

Usherwood Adventures offers the OSRIC rules also in .ePub and .mobi formats from their downloads page.

To the Beginning Player

If you’ve never before played OSRIC or AD&D (1st Edition), don’t worry – Treasure Hunt will be easier for you than other adventures, not harder.

You see, this starting adventure is different than other adventures. The player characters begin the game at 0 level, without choosing a class, and work their way up to 1st level. It is perfect for people who are unfamiliar with the AD&D/OSRIC rules as well as for experienced players who are looking for a new and different challenge.

You won’’t have to worry about complicated decisions concerning choice of weapons, spells, deity to worship, and so on. You’’re just a normal man or woman, suddenly caught up into a bizarre, unpredictable, and dangerous situation. Just react to the situations you come across as a real person would.

This cover page will contain links to the various pages covering such topics as Character Creation, Background Information, Maps, etc!

The Krugholm Archipelago

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